462 Halsey Community Farm
462 Halsey Community Farm

From spring to fall (May 26, 2018 - November 17, 2018), we host the GrowNYC Fresh Food Box every Saturday, from 11am - 2:30pm. In the winter, the Food Box is hosted by Mount Lebanon Baptist, located around the corner on Lewis and Decatur. 

GrowNYC's Fresh Food Box Program is a food access initiative that enables under-served communities to purchase fresh, healthy, primarily regionally-grown produce well below traditional retail prices. Through the power of collaborative purchasing, Fresh Food Box customers purchase for $14 what would cost $20-$30 in a store. All Fresh Food Box sites accept SNAP/EBT and Health Bucks, to make our shares even more affordable.

The produce included in each Fresh Food Box is the best of what’s seasonally available. From July through November, Fresh Food Box sources from farms in the Northeast; in the winter and spring, Northeast produce is supplemented with produce from carefully vetted farms in Southern states, like Florida. This ensures Fresh Food Box provides a wide variety of fresh produce year-round while driving sales of locally-available items such as apples, root vegetables, eggs, grains, and dried beans. 

How Fresh Food Box works:

  • Visit a Fresh Food Box site near you

  • Pay $14 in cash, credit/debit, EBT/SNAP, or Health Bucks for next week’s share

  • Return the following week to pick up your share containing 10-15 pounds of fresh, high-quality produce

  • Shares must be picked up - by you, your neighbor, a friend, anyone! - during the shift it was ordered for. Shares that are not picked up will be donated.

  • Orders can not be placed through 462 Halsey members - they must be placed with GrowNYC staff.

We encourage people who participate in the food box program to sign up for a volunteer shift. It's a fun way to meet neighbors and help out. There are two shifts every week. Responsibilities include: 

9-12 shift - Meet the truck and help unload the vegetables. Count everything in - sometimes things are obvious - one head of lettuce per person. Sometimes we have to count potatoes and figure out how many goes in each bag. The first shift is a lot of set-up! The program starts at 11 so there's time to interact with and meet people coming to the box as well.

12-3 shift - This shift is when the bulk of people come. Responsibilities for this shift include helping to pack bags, making sure that the tables are fully stocked (replacing veggies as people take them) and breaking down boxes. It's helpful to break down boxes as they are emptied, otherwise the shift runs late. At the end, help put supplies away.

If you're interested in volunteering for a shift, please check in with GrowNYC or 462 Halsey staff on-site anytime.