462 Halsey Community Farm
462 Halsey Community Farm

2nd Annual GreenThumb Awards

Please consider nominating us for a GreenThumb Award

Please nominate 462 Halsey for up to three categories: for one or all of these three categories. Below are some of our suggestions, but please simply use these as a guideline. We want you to share your 462 Halsey Community Farm Story! Do you use our markets? Drop off compost? Please let GreenThumb know. Thank you!

**Urban Agriculture Award**

462 Halsey Community Farm has over 800 sq ft of organic, communally grown vegetables, fruit and herbs. The community farm distributes its produce through a sliding scale market and open harvest days for the public. The farm has regularly hosts free events focused on food and nutrition, healing and wellness, and urban agriculture. All of the farm's produce is 100% organic. The farm uses compost processed on site with food scraps from the neighborhood. We also maintain an apiary for honeybees who pollinate local plants and produce honey and wax. 462 Halsey hosts a GrowNYC food stand every Saturday 6 months of the year, which provides regionally grown fresh organic produce and farm products to hundreds of local residents every week.

**Community Engagement Award**

462 Halsey Community Farm is open to the public all day, seven days a week. The majority of the space is used for communal produce. The farm regularly hosts public events, ranging from agriculture and compost workshops, to healing and wellness events, to art and music performances, all of which are free and open to the public. The farm also hosts fundraisers for local residents and non profit organizations, as well as events for local schools, education programs and activist groups from Bedford-Stuyvesant. 462 Halsey receives up to 3000 pounds of food waste every month from local residents and businesses. Those scraps are processed it into nutrient-rich compost. 462 Halsey hosts a GrowNYC food stand every Saturday 6 months of the year, which provides locally grown fresh organic produce to hundreds of local residents.

**Sustainability Award**

462 Halsey Community Farm is currently developing a solar-powered irrigation system, which will be used to water over 800 square feet of organic produce. The panels will provide free, clean power for farm to help with maintenance, events and workshops. The farm's compost program diverted more than 20,000 pounds of food scraps in 2016. This is processed into nutrient nutrient-rich compost that feeds our growing farm.  This summer the farm will host a recycling workshop and a e-waste collection day.

Nomination form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf49M8bzjTBgCrRNOnuF_BZoNPl0rDLsOaaanjsF2pF0Y2oTw/viewform