462 Halsey Community Farm
462 Halsey Community Farm

462 Halsey Community Garden has a sliding scale market on Saturdays from 11-3, coinciding with the GrowNYC Fresh Food Box. The weekly markets will feature organic produce harvested that morning at the garden and baked goods. Please stop by throughout the season for greens, beans, zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, callaloo, melon, herbs and more!


Our rates are based on a sliding scale of $1 - $5 for most things that we grow. You choose what you pay within that range. The sliding scale is a tool to help make fresh, local, organic food available to everyone. In order for spaces like 462 Halsey Community Garden to be sustainable, we do need money. We want shopping at our market to be a feel-good, neighborhood activity. We believe that everyone is a valued and respected member of our community, regardless of what they pay on the sliding scale. We never ask for proof of income or justification of your payment amount. We have chosen a range that is sustainable for us, and want you to choose a payment amount that is sustainable for you.

The following is a general guideline based on income.  It does not take other factors into account (expenses, debt payments, if you provide economically for others in your life, etc.), so please use flexibility in determining where you fall.  What you pay can vary week to week.

Income                                         Suggested Donation
Under $25,000                             $1-$2
$25,000 - $35,000                       $2-$3
$35,000 - $55,000                       $3-$4
$55,000 - $85,000                       $4-$5
$85,000+                                      $5+