462 Halsey Community Farm
462 Halsey Community Farm

From April to October, we are open for drop-offs Monday – Friday : 8am to dusk; Saturdays, 9am to 8pm and Sunday, 9am to 6pm. From November to March, we are open on Saturdays between 10am to 3pm ONLY.

Never leave food scraps at the gate! It will both attract rats AND we could get ticketed by the city!

ATTENTION: the procedure for dropping off food waste has changed. Please follow the steps listed below.

1. Empty the your food scraps into one of silver/metal garbage cans cans. DO NOT LEAVE PLASTIC BAGS IN THE CANS.
2. Cover your food scraps with the sawdust or leaves provided.
3. If you have emptied a plastic bag, you can dispose of it in the plastic bucket labeled for plastic bags.

Remember, NEVER put anything in the big wooden/chicken wire compost bins yourself! We keep records of how much food waste we divert from the waste stream so please leave your scraps to be weighed before they are added to one of the bins.
Unsure of what can or can’t be composted?


  • fruit and vegetable peelings

  • rice, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.

  • coffee grounds with filter, tea bags

  • eggshells

  • cut or dried flowers, houseplants, potting soil


  • meat, dairy, bones, oily foods

  • dog or cat feces, kitty litter

  • coal or charcoal

  • coconuts

  • diseased or insect-infested houseplants and soil

We accept yard waste [dead leaves, grass clippings, etc.] but please CONTACT US at 462halsey@gmail.com before dropping these materials off!


Should I bring my compost in a biodegradable bag (like BioBags)?

No. If you read out the Certifications and Testing page, it says BioBags are “intended to be composted in a municipal or commercial facility” — that means a much bigger and hotter compost pile than anything we could generate.

In our own experience, they take forever to break down and it eventually becomes impossible to tell whether it’s a BioBag or regular plastic so it ends up being taken out of the compost pile and trashed just to be sure. At any rate, we ask everyone to empty their scraps into the metal containers and then cover them with sawdust, so we recommend people use a disposable plastic shopping bag or a reusable compost crock to bring their scraps to us.

Can I drop off biodegradable plastics (utensils, plates, etc.)?

Like the biodegradable bags, these items are meant to be composted in a large municipal facility which reaches temperatures much higher than anything we could generate.

Can I compost disposable paper products?

It depends. Paper products are something for which we ask you to use your own best judgement; a napkin you use at dinner or a paper towel used for a spill is fine, but nothing too saturated with grease or cleaning products. Unbleached paper products are ideal but even standard commercial products are still okay. All personal hygiene products (toilet paper, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, diapers and/or diaper liners) are NOT ACCEPTED.

Can I compost baked goods that have dairy ingredients?

Baked goods are acceptable, provided they are not fatty. So, stale sandwich bread, hot dog buns, old Cheerios, etc. would all be fine but not, say, banana bread or a croissant or cereal that’s been in milk.

What do you do with all the compost?

We use it! We regularly add it to all of our garden beds to feed our plants and improve the condition of our soil. We also apply it to the street trees surrounding the garden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by Steven Duarte Photography