462 Halsey Community Farm
462 Halsey Community Farm

462  Halsey Community Farm is open  to  members  year-round and to  the general  public from April 1st  to October  31st (unless otherwise specified for projects or events).


Monday thru ­Saturday 8am­-8pm           Sunday 9am-­6pm

Safe Space Policy

     462  Halsey  Community Farm is an  inclusive neighborhood space. We  strive to be  a safe and welcoming space for everyone who comes into the garden. Members and visitors of 462 Halsey Community Farm will constructively  confront and  stop  any  oppressive  behavior  or  language.  The  following  behaviors  will  not  be tolerated at 462 Halsey:

  • Violence of any kind

  • Hateful and discriminatory language

  • Sexual Harassment / Cat­calling

  • Discrimination based on: race, ethnicity or culture; sexual orientation; gender or gender identity; age; ability; economic/social class; religion 

         462 Halsey Community Farm is a healing place for neighborhood residents to grow together. Grow food, grow friends, grow community. Growth is a deliberate action that begins with getting to know and respect each other.  Everyone  coming  to  the  462 Halsey  is  wonderful, unique,  full  of  potential  and  deserving  of  respect and  safety. Failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from the farm.


The 462 Halsey Community Farm is a public area. The possession and/or consumption of an open container of alcohol by any person is illegal in the City of New York and will not be tolerated in the garden.


As in all of New York City’s parks and playgrounds, there is no smoking on the grounds of 462 HCG.


Household pets are not allowed to roam free in the garden.  All pets must be contained in a carrier or restrained on  a  leash  and  accompanied  by  their  owner.  Failure  to  comply will  result  in removal  of  animal  from  the premises and termination of membership. Please clean up after your pet by carrying out all pet waste — never put pet waste in the compost bins!


The 462 Halsey has a composting area and community members are encouraged to bring their kitchen scraps to the garden to be composted — but please do NOT add materials to any of the compost bins unless  you are a member of the compost team. There are labeled, designated containers to put food scraps and other compostable materials in.